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Green Car of the Year: Chevy Hybrid SUV 

The Chevy Hybrid SUV is an eight-passenger SUV manufactured by General Motors Corp. The Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid SUV was awarded Green Car of the Year by Green Car Journal because it offers much better gas mileage than its competitors. The winner of the title of Green Car of the Year is decided every year by an 11-member panel consisting of environmental and automotive experts. 

The Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid SUV is going to be thefirst full-size hybrid SUV available in the market and is available for purchase now. This is the first model offered by GM, which utilizes the hybrid system produced with BMW AG, Chrysler, Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz. 

The award of Green Car of the Year to a hybrid SUV is a milestone, since people usually do not associate “green” with SUVs. This is because SUVs usually have terrible fuel economy. The hybrid SUV has completely revolutionized fuel efficiency for SUVs, up to almost 30 percent compared to other similar automobiles with traditional V8 engines. 


The award was given to the SUV after a major disagreement. GM faced strong criticism, especially in California, for the decision to scrap all electric EV1. However, the nomination of three of their models as finalists demonstrates the auto manufacturer’s success in fuel efficiency. 

GM has proved they are capable of making beautiful, strong, safe, big and still fuel-efficient cars which were on full display at this year's Detroit Auto Show. The Chevy Tahoe Hybrid SUV gets 21 miles per gallon in cities and 22 miles per gallon on highways. Until recently, only small cars were hybrids. However, now people can enjoy the benefits of hybrid technology in large vehicles as well. 

Hybrid technology used to be found only in mid-sized or small vehicles because the chance of advances in fuel economy were the highest in these cars. Achieving substantial results in large vehicles built for towing or carrying heavy cargo was indeed difficult because of the large battery size required. However, the Tahoe Hybrid SUV is capable of carrying around 1,400 pounds and towing around 6.200 pounds. 

The Tahoe Hybrid SUV offers a whopping 50 percent augmentation in fuel economy as per the estimated ratings on fuel economy.